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Frequently asked questions

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It’s easy to upload photos once you’re logged in. From the user dashboard, simply click on the arrow next to your username and profile thumbnail and select ‘Settings’. Select the ‘Gallery’ tab, then simply click “Upload Photo”. Once you’re done, click the green “Save All” button and you’re done.
No, at the moment that is the only type of payment transfer we allow. If there is high demand for another type of payment, we will look into different methods.
If you are having problems logging in, please make sure you are introducing the correct password. If you have forgotten your password/username, click the “Forgot username/password” feature. You will then be asked to provide the e-mail address that you used to register, where a new computer-generated password will be sent.
We moderate certain photos if they don’t follow the site’s regulation (i.e. if they are offensive or contain explicit content). You can, however, make VIP galleries that are private and can only be seen by other users after they send you a request and you confirm it. You can upload anything you like in those galleries.
For the moment, only premium users can read all messages. However, even as a free user, you can message anyone you like. If they are premium members, they will be able to read your messages. Get a subscription and you too will be able to read all PMs!
To stop receiving notifications from our site to your e-mail address, simply go to ‘Settings’ from your user dashboard. Click on the ‘Account’ tab and deselect whatever you want from ‘Email notifications’.
Yes, Eastloveswest periodically offers special discounts. Stay tuned via our e-mail notifications for the latest ones!
To cancel your subscription, simply go to your user dashboard and select ‘Settings’. From the ‘Account’ tab you can control your subscription’s renewal.
We are very sorry to hear if you are considering this. If you have encountered any issues or problems on the site, please don’t hesitate to contact our Support team. We will assist you ASAP and solve whatever difficulty you have come across. Deleting your account should only be considered as last resort. If, however, you wish to proceed, you can delete your account from ‘Settings’ – ‘Account’ – ‘Delete account’.


Helpful tips

Researches have proven that accurate quality photos of a person’s face work best on dating sites. While you might think that pictures of your attractive physique, your expensive car or your favourite hobbies will tell another person more about who you are as an individual, then you couldn’t be more wrong. First impressions aren’t objective, and you sky-diving of taking yacht lessons, although indicative of a very interesting personality, will not let anyone know how trust-worthy or kind you are, much more important traits on the very competitive dating market. Of course, include all of these shots in your gallery, but remember to keep your profile pictures neat and to always smile!
You can tell a lot about a person from the way they describe themselves. Try not to be too shy or self-deprecating when doing this. A little humour directed at yourself is great, but too much can be an indication of low self-esteem. Be confident, but not cocky. It’s a difficult mix to grasp, but remember that you can always go back to your description and update it to best define yourself at any given moment.
We’ve designed the premium membership as a dating tool, the kind of tool anyone would love to have even in real life. What going premium lets you do is speak to anyone you’d like on the site, and read everyone else’s messages, including messages in all languages thanks to our incredible translating tool. By becoming a paid subscriber you will also be allowed several more liberties, such as being able to request access to VIP galleries from your connections, thus getting closer to knowing the real individuals behind their accounts, as well as being able to request any social network contacts, such as the person’s Facebook name. Being a premium member is also a badge of authenticity because it indicates to other users that you really are here to form lasting connections with other individuals, not just here to test the waters.




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