Love Over Distance


Eastloveswest.com is a dating site unlike any other. Where most contemporary dating apps use geolocation to find those people closest to you, Eastloveswest takes advantage of the 21st century’s speed and mobility to break the barriers of distance. Thanks to the Internet and the advanced transportation options currently in existence, connecting with individuals hemispheres away has never been easier. And with English being the international language it is today, having different native tongues is no longer an issue!


It’s time to embrace new cultures, new languages, new traditions and see what love signifies around the world. Romance is easily the key element to bridging the gap between the East and West!


Ever thought how difficult it is to find the right partner with society’s values always changing? Western gents, we know you’ve been working hard to become the best provider you possibly can and lead a luxurious life. You deserve to have a gorgeous woman by your side, the kind of woman that will make heads turn and leave all your friends envious.


And, ladies, we know you’d love to travel the world and go on shopping sprees in the fashion capitals of the world. Well, now you both can make each other’s dreams come true by joining Eastloveswest and finding your perfect partner, wherever they might be.


Connect with members from all over the world and create lasting relationships! Your success story begins with Eastloveswest.com!


Stay connected even when you’re on the go because our site is completely optimized for all mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets. While you’re at it, check our official Facebook accounts for some of the most heart-warming testimonials you’ll ever read!


Eastloveswest.com, bridging the gap between the East and West and paving it with romance, excitement and adventure!



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