Ukraine Love Map

In times of adversity, embrace all chances of happiness, love, and, why not, stability and safety.

Between November 2013 and February 2014, Ukraine saw a wave of demonstrations and civil unrest that led to the 2014 Ukrainian revolution.

In the same sociopolitical turmoil that followed, we noticed something unexpected: more and more women from Ukraine were joining our website and downloading the app. We conducted an in-site survey to discover what made these women join.

Not necessarily surprising, we found out that a large majority of these women (82%) were interested in finding a romantic partner on

  • 23% Canada
  • 29% United States
  • 5.3% UK
  • 11.2% Germany
  • 7.5% France
  • 6% Spain
  • 16% Australia
  • 2% Others

All these women were looking for prospective partners in another country, preferably a Western English-speaking one (USA, Canada, Australia), followed by Germany, France and Spain, and only afterwards by England.

Motives for wanting to leave the country included:

Western countries are safer
There are more employment opportunities
Improved chances of education
I want to travel

The women who were unhappy with
their lives listed the following
reasons for their unhappiness:

Unsatisfied financially
Unsatisfied emotionally
Feel unsafe
Unsatisfied with the current political situation

Afterwards we asked them a simple YES / NO question:

"Are you content with your current life?"

- Were content with their lives

- Were unhappy with their lives

Said YES
Said NO

All women that participated in the survey were aged 25-45, and 56% of them had tried previous online dating services before registering on